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    To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. WEBINAR WITH CHRISTINE TILL: WHAT'S THE FUSS ABOUT FLUORIDE? Recent government-funded peer-reviewed science indicates that fluoride has the potential to damage the brains of our children. CANADIANS ADVOCATING FOR THEIR RIGHTS View WHO FLUORIDATES AND WHO DOESN'T View HOW DID WE GET HERE & WHAT DIFFICULTIES AROSE View NEW SCIENCE THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! View WHO IS WITH US View When municipalities fluoridate our tap water, it denies Canadians the right to choose whether they wish to drink it, shower in it or cook with it. At Fluoride Free Canada we support all efforts across Canada to end this outdated practice. We will endeavour to help both municipalities and individuals by providing them with the best science that indicates that this practice is harmful to health, especially the dangers it poses to the brains of our children and the bones of the elderly. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others. LETTER TO GOVERNMENT BODIES Even though fluoridation is a municipal responsibility, Fluoride Free Canada has written a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to inform him that water fluoridation has the potential to threaten the brains of our children. We believe he must act on their behalf. Feel free to modify/alter this letter, for presentation to your own Provincial and Municipal bodies. SEND YOUR OWN LETTER TO TRUDEAU We urge you to send out your own copy of this letter and get as many other people you know to do so as well. There is much information in this letter that the other political leaders and Canadian citizens do not know, so circulating this letter far and wide is a splendid educational tool for all Canadians. Help us move Prime Minister Trudeau and the Provincial and Territorial Premiers to protect Canadian childrens' developing brains from fluoridated tap water. Dear Prime Minister Trudeau Top Canadian scientists concur that the fetal and infant brain can be damaged by fluoridated tap water... LETTER TO TRUDEAU SENT SEPT. 1, 2021 Case Status THE UNITED STATES IS GETTING CLOSE Food and Water Watch, et al. is in the middle of proceedings against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) . A Federal law Judge heard the case in June 2020 (via Zoom). In the case, testimony was provided by Philippe Grandjean, Howard Hu (co-author of the Bashash (2017 , 2018 ) studies and Bruce Lanphear, co-author of the Green (2019 ) and Till (2020 ) studies. The judge appears to be very interested in the new science and has delayed his ruling until he has in his hands the final report of the U.S. National Toxicology Program’s (NTP) review on fluoride’s neurotoxicity (expected before the end of 2021) and the Benchmark Dose (BMD) analysis by Grandjean (et al) which was published in June of this year. This could bode VERY WELL for Canadians if Food & Water Watch wins the case, as it would be hard for the Canadian government to ignore any changes implemented by the EPA in favour of defluoridation. CASE STATUS The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) website has existed since the year 2000 and rather than duplicate the information that they have on Canadian activity, it is included here: CANADIAN GOVERNMENT REPORTS CANADIAN STUDIES CANADIAN NEWS ARTICLES Paul Connett, PhD, is a retired professor of chemistry specializing in environmental chemistry and toxicology. He is the current director of the Fluoride Action Network, which he helped to found in 2000. He co-authored the book The Case Against Fluoride [Chelsea Green, 2010] with Dr. James Beck from Calgary and Dr. Spedding Micklem from Edinburgh, Scotland. He is featured in several of the videos below. He has been involved since 1996 and has helped many communities in Canada fight fluoridation. He has given presentations on the topic in many cities in Canada, including: Toronto, Ottawa, Oakville, Brantford, London, Mississauga, Peterborough, Dryden, Waterloo, Calgary, Montreal and Prince George. Video Strip Fluoride Free Canada Play Video Play Video 05:30 5 Minutes Of Hard Core Truth Toxins in Water Play Video Play Video 05:41 A Dose-Response Analysis of Fluoride Neurotoxicity Studies (2022) Fluoride Action Network Science Director Chris Neurath gives a short video summary of his dose-response analysis of fluoride developmental neurotoxicity studies. This presentation was given as a webinar at the International Society for Fluoride Research held in Beijing, China on July 30th, 2022. Play Video Play Video 05:48 The Impact of FLUORIDE on the Developing Brain Over the past 75 years, health authorities have promoted community water fluoridation to reduce dental caries. Until recently, however, no studies had examined the safety of fluoride in vulnerable populations, like pregnant women and infants. This video describes the history of water fluoridation and new research that found fluoride is toxic to the developing brain. Read more about the science behind the video: Read how to reduce fluoride intake here: Play Video Play Video 10:54 Fluoride Discussion: Dr. Hardy Limeback Interviewed By Brenda Staudenmaier Play Video Play Video 20:07 OUR DAILY DOSE, a film by Jeremy Seifert To purchase a full resolution download for personal/private use or for public screenings, go here: Hailed by the Centers for Disease Control as one of the top ten public health achievements of the 20th century, water fluoridation is something most of us assume to be safe and effective. But new science has upended this assumption, revealing that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor. The CDC tells us that drinking fluoride decreases tooth decay, at best, by 25%. That is one-half to one cavity per person over a lifetime. Is one less cavity worth risking a child's long-term brain and thyroid health? It's time to rethink this very old practice. In OUR DAILY DOSE, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert (GMO OMG) lays out the dangers of water fluoridation informatively and creatively, highlighting the most current research and interviewing top-tier doctors, activists, and attorneys close to the issue. Through thoughtful examination of old beliefs and new science, the film alerts us to the health threat present in the water and beverages we rely on every day. This is an eye-opening look at how we have less control over our health than we may have thought. Play Video Play Video 28:47 Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation - Available on DVD In a full length video produced by the Fluoride Action Network, respected professional researchers, scientists, and health practitioners openly discuss their experience and opinions concerning the adverse health effects and ethical problems associated with the public health policy of water fluoridation. Featuring a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, three scientists from the National Research Council's landmark review on fluoride, as well as dentists, medical doctors, and leading researchers in the field, this professionally-produced 28 minute DVD presents a powerful indictment of the water fluoridation program. Here the list of Professionals included on the video: The 28-minute DVD Professional Perspectives on Fluoridation features the following 15 experts: Lord Baldwin sits as an Independent Peer in the House of Lords, where he has contributed to debates on the environment and health for over 20 years. His Parliamentary Questions on fluoridation led to the UK Government setting up the 'York' systematic scientific review of the evidence in 2000, on whose advisory panel he served. He is Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Fluoridation - Arvid Carlsson, PhD, a neuro-pharmacologist. Dr. Carlsson led the successful fight against fluoridation in Sweden in the 1970's. He won the Nobel prize for medicine/physiology in 2000. Bob Carton, PhD, a risk assessment expert at the EPA (now retired). Dr. Carton was formerly the President of the union which represents professionals working at the US EPA headquarters in Washington DC. See Dr. Carton's important review of the National Research Council report (NRC, 2006) at Carton, RJ (2006) Fluoride: Review of the 2006 National Research Council Report: Fluoride in Drinking Water. Fluoride, 39(3) 163-172. Sir Iain Chalmers, PhD, edits The James Lind Library, a web-based resource containing explanatory material in seven languages about the principles and evolution of fair tests of medical treatments. He was director of the UK Cochrane Centre between 1992 and 2002, and director of the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit between 1978 and 1992. Paul Connett, PhD, an environmental chemist. Formerly, Professor of Chemistry at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. Currently the Executive Director, Fluoride Action Network, Brent Foster, JD, formerly Conservation Chair of the Oregon chapter of the Sierra Club. Walter Graham helped in the very successful campaign to resist the imposition of water fluoridation on Northern Ireland. Bill Hirzy, PhD, a chemist, formerly with the US EPA. Dr. Hirzy is a former Vice-President of the union which represents professionals working at the US EPA headquarters in Washington, DC. C. Vyvyan Howard, MB, ChB, PhD, FRCPath, a fetal and infant toxico-pathologist. Professor Howard is director of the Bioimaging Research Group, Centre for Molecular Bioscience, University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland; and President of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE). Bob Isaacson, PhD, a neuroscientist. Dr. Isaacson was a member of the National Research Council review panel, Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Review of EPA's Drinking Water Standards (NRC, 2006) and also co-author of a very important animal study: Varner JA, et al. 1998. Chronic administration of aluminum-fluoride and sodium-fluoride to rats in drinking water: alterations in neuronal and cerebrovascular integrity. Brain Research. 784: 284-298. Tim Kropp, PhD, a toxicologist formerly with the Environmental Working Group in Washington, DC. Hardy Limeback, DDS, PhD, currently chair of Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto. Past President of the Canadian Association for Dental Research and member of the National Research Council review panel, Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Review of EPA's Drinking Water Standards (NRC, 2006). Phyllis Mullenix, PhD, a pharmacologist and toxicologist. Former chairperson of the toxicology department of Forsyth Dental Institute, Boston. Lead author of the seminal paper on fluoride's impact on animal brain: Mullenix P, et al. 1995. Neurotoxicity of Sodium Fluoride in Rats. Neurotoxicology and Teratology. 17: 169-177. Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH, a dentist who practices in both Oregon and Washington state. Kathleen Thiessen, PhD, a health risk specialist working with the consulting firm Senes Oak Ridge Inc., Center for Risk Analysis, Tennessee. Dr. Thiessen was a member of the National Research Council review panel, Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Review of EPA's Drinking Water Standards (NRC, 2006). To purchase a DVD and learn more about this video, please visit the Fluoride Action Network at: Play Video Play Video 28:31 Dr. Hardy Limeback interviewed by Dr. Paul Connett about water fluoridation concerns in May 2000 Dr. Hardy Limeback, BSc, PhD, DDS, Associate Professor and Head of the School of Preventive Dentistry at University of Toronto, speaks to Dr. Paul Connett about water fluoridation dental and health concerns. This interview took place in May 2000. Play Video Play Video 14:25 The Water Brothers Investigate Water Fluoridation In the summer of 2011, The Water Brothers, Alex and Tyler Mifflin, set out to investigate the practice of adding fluoride to public water supplies. While water fluoridation is intended to prevent tooth decay, there are many individuals speaking out against the practice due to health concerns and ethical issues. To learn more visit: Fluoride Action Network Health Canada For the full 5-part interview with Dr. Paul Connett click here: To find out more about The Water Brothers and view our TV episode on public water supplies vs. bottled water visit our website: INFORMATIVE VIDEOS AND INTERVIEWS PRESENTATIONS TO GOVERNMENT BODIES Use this content to formulate your own presentation! UK Parliament Dec/2021 Result: Still outstanding Orillia, ON 2012 Result: Rejected Fluoridation Calgary, AB 2011 Result: Rejected Fluoridation (Vote 10-3) HELP US $ HELP YOU Stay up to date on all fluoridation related news, advocacy, science, and actions you can take locally to help end this practice. Sign-Up “Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.” Voltaire

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    The FLUORIDE Report Enjoy the archives of newsletters from Fluoride Free Canada #20 WEBINAR WITH CHRISTINE TILL: WHAT'S THE FUSS ABOUT FLUORIDE? VIEW BUTTON NOW UPDATED WITH THE WEBINAR RECORDING May 8th, 2023 – NEW View #19 Fluoride Report – Debunking the Myths - Episode 7 Myth 76: That fluoridation will not materially alter dietary fluori d e intake.. March 15th, 2023 View #18 Fluoride Report – Hope For Canadians: Injunction Underway In Montreal | Help for your Campaign! February 10th, 2023 View Court Rejects EPA's Attempt To Delay January 15th, 2023 View Notice of Fluoridation Hearing January 10th, 2023 View #17 Fluoride Report – Important Law Suit Update | Colgate's Big Lie | CBC Ombudsman Reply December15th, 2022 View #16 Fluoride Report – Fluoride: A Root Cause of Harm to Humans | Fluoride: Source of Chronic Acne November 15th, 2022 View #15 Fluoride Report – Raisin Roulette: Fluoride Found Harmful to Pets & Plants October 15th, 2022 View A Message From Dr. Bob – 2022 Fundraiser October 1st, 2022 View #14 Fluoride Report – Debunking the Myths - Episode 6 Myth #6: That it is possible to control daily fluoride intake for the entire population regardless of all sources of fluoride exposure. August 15th, 2022 View #13 Fluoride Report – Debunking the Myths - Episode 5 Myth #5: That the optimal safe intake in milligrams/per kilogram of weight/per day of fluoride required for dental health is well known. July 15th, 2022 View #12 Fluoride Report – Warning: Sneak Attack: The Greatest Threat to Non-Fluoridated Communities is Here! | What Else is Fluoride Free Canada Up To? June 15th, 2022 View #11 Fluoride Report – Debunking the Myths - Episode 4 Myth #4: That an optimal concentration of 0.7 ppm of fluoride in drinking water will ensure the administration of an optimal and safe daily dose of fluoride for the health of each citizen, dose-adjusted according to their weight, age, gender, state of health, diet, environment and physical activities, regardless of the amount of water consumed. May 15th, 2022 View #10 Fluoride Report – Debunking the Myths - Episode 3 Myth #3: That drinking water is an excellent vehicle for the administration of an appropriate dose of fluoride to prevent cavities, without risk to health. April 15th, 2022 View #9 Fluoride Report – Debunking the Myths - Episode 2 Myth #2: That health authorities know exactly how much fluoride is needed each day to ensure the apatite crystals in dental enamel will be transformed into a sufficient level of fluoroapatite, to make it resistant to tooth decay. March 15th, 2022 View #8 Fluoride Report – Debunking the Myths - Episode 1 Myth #1: That the health authorities know the optimal concentration of fluoride in the enamel of the tooth to make it resistant to decay. February 25th, 2022 View #7 Fluoride Report – Media Bias - We're not taking this lying down! | Fluoride Free Windsor-Essex January 25th, 2022 View #6 Fluoride Report – Can You Count on the Advice of the "Experts"? December 3rd, 2021 View #5 Fluoride Report – The Legality of Fluoridation | What Exactly is the Nature of the Chemicals in Fluoridation? November 20th, 2021 View #4 Fluoride Report – Losses in Calgary and Windsor Don’t Spell Defeat. Be Patient! | Pro-Fluoridation Now Targeting Vancouver, BC November 6th, 2021 View #3 Fluoride Report – Science Lost in Calgary | How Safe Water Calgary was Sabotaged October 22nd, 2021 View #2 Fluoride Report – Results of Vote | Introduction Video | Canadian's Challenged by Biased Media | Who Is Christine Till? October 9th, 2021 View #1 News Alert – Vote to Name this Newsletter | Introduction Video | How Calgary's Crisis Affects You September 24th, 2021 View Update to Trudeau Letter | Call to Share Your Talents September 17th, 2021 View

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    What's New - A log of postings A simple way for you to see what's new on our site! Last published Newsletter: May 8th, 2023 – WEBINAR WITH CHRISTINE TILL Added February, 2023 scientific study by Till and Hall on an association between fluoride exposure from tap water and hypothyroidism in pregnancy February, 2023 View Added a detailed report on Hexafluorosilicic Acid (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid): Raw Materials, Manufacture, Toxicity and Public Health Concerns as an Active Ingredient in the Fluoridation of Drinking Water to the History page February, 2023 View Sent out Notice of the Fluoridation Hearing with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the follow-up report. January, 2023 View Added the video of the October Hearing in the Court Case with the Environmental Protection Agency December, 2022 View The latest status of the Court Case with the Environmental Protection Agency (Merged all updates onto one page) November, 2022 View Added to video strip on home page: 5 Minutes of Hard Core Truth - Toxins in Water October, 2022 View Updated the status of the Court Case with the Environmental Protection Agency September, 2022 View Added Resource page of Highly Recommended Resource Materials (books) June, 2022 View Added End Fluoride Toronto to the Advocacy page and linked to their Facebook May, 2022 View Added Fluoride Free Montreal to the Advocacy page and linked to their Facebook April, 2022 View When Citizens Get Involved - Article added to Eau Secours on Advocacy page February, 2022 View Added Regina to the Advocacy page and linked to their Facebook February, 2022 View Added Vancouver to the Advocacy page and linked to Media Challenges February, 2022 View Added "Who is With Us" page to show organizations against fluoridation January, 2022 View Restructured homepage and added Memes and "What's New" button January, 2022 View Added "Case Status - Dec. 31/21" link in Court section of home page linking to video January, 2022 View Added Presentations to Government videos to bottom of homepage December, 2021 View Donate page updated with request to eTRANSFER to save PayPal fees December, 2021 View 1952 video on fluoridation posted as a link at the top of When Did Fluoridation Start December, 2021 View "Our Message" video posted - Intro on home page and full video on the About page October, 2021 View New Science page updated with Christine Till bio and video October, 2021 View Videos and Media articles posted to Advocacy page September, 2021 View 1st Newsletter Posted (link to Newsletter page in footer) September, 2021 View Website Live September 1st, 2021 View

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    CONTACT US Email us and we will respond directly, as time permits ​ Stay up to date on all fluoridation related news, advocacy, science, and actions you can take locally to help end this practice. SIGN UP FOR EMAIL ALERTS AND UPDATES Take action in your community. Signup for our email list and join the conversation! GET UPDATES Be the first to hear about our latest action alerts and events, and stay in the loop on the work our organization is doing every day with the support of people like you. ​ We will never share your email address with anyone, and you can unsubscribe any time. EMAIL FIRST NAME LAST NAME CITY PROVINCE / STATE Preferred Newsletter language: English French Yes, sign me up! * – Required field

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    Canadian Communities that have Rejected Artificial Water Fluoridation Since 1990 Canadian Communities that have Rejected Artificial Water Fluoridation Since 1990 Since 1990, it is estimated there are over 130 communities across Canada, including 3 Canadian Forces Bases, that have rejected artificial water fluoridation. Many of the communities are in Ontario (32), Quebec (28), Saskatchewan (20), British Columbia (17), Alberta (13) and Manitoba (11). Some of the larger urban cities that have rejected fluoridation include: Calgary, Windsor, Waterloo and Quebec City. Montréal has never artificially fluoridated and propositions to fluoridate were rejected in 1988, 1992 and 2009. Vancouver has also never fluoridated. Canadian Communities by Province and their Date of Rejection Municipalités canadiennes par province et leur date de rejet

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    Canadian Communities that Fluoridate It is estimated that there are still 170 communities across Canada that fluoridate their municipal drinking water. Of the 170 communities listed below, 76 of these communities are located in ONTARIO and include most of the large urban cities such as Toronto, cities within the GTA, Ottawa, Hamilton, and London. The only major urban cities in other provinces that fluoridate their municipal drinking water are Edmonton, Halifax, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. Fluoridated Communities by Province / Les municipalités qui fluorent par province

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    THE NEW SCIENCE SHOWS FLUORIDE IS NOT SAFE T here are strong Canadian connections with all the following studies. Christine Till, who was the lead author of both the Green and Till studies, teaches at York University; Bruce Lanphear (co-author of the Green and Till studies) is an American citizen but teaches at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and Howard Hu, the lead author of the Bashash studies did his research at the University of Toronto for many years. ​ Till et al., February 2023 – Professor Christine Till and PhD student Meaghan Hall found an association between fluoride exposure from tap water and hypothyroidism in pregnancy . They say this latest study may explain an earlier study looking at maternal fluoride exposure in pregnancy and lower IQ in boys. “The findings are concerning because hypothyroidism is a known cause of brain-based disorders in children,” says Till. Hall and Till say they hope that policy makers will consider this new research when evaluating the safety of community water fluoridation. Well-designed prospective cohort studies funded by both the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences [NIEHS] in the USA as well as Health Canada, have shown a loss of IQ and increased symptoms of ADHD in offspring when pregnant women are exposed to fluoride at doses commonly experienced in fluoridated communities in Canada (Bashash, 2017, 2018 and Green, 2019). The consequences are shocking! According to Dr. Philippe Grandjean, from Harvard University, “Fluoride is causing a greater overall loss of IQ points today than lead, arsenic or mercury” , as detailed in this risk analysis . Till et al., 2020 have shown a large reduction in IQ when children were bottle-fed as babies in communities which were fluoridated, compared with babies who were bottle-fed in non-fluoridated communities. According to Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., former Director of the U.S. NIEHS (2009-2019) and two leading public health researchers (Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH, and Christine Till, PhD) who authored two key fluoride-IQ studies (Green, 2019 and Till, 2020), ingestion of fluoride during pregnancy confers no dental benefit to the fetus, so this is a situation where risks are being taken for no proven benefit ( see their editorial published in Environmental Health News, Oct 7 2020 ). An important well-conducted study from Sweden has shown an increased prevalence of hip fracture in post-menopausal women associated with long term exposure to natural fluoride at levels in water in the same range as Canada fluoridates its water [ Helte et. al., 2021 ] . This is very serious because, as you probably know, hip fractures in the elderly are debilitating, costly to treat, lead to a loss of independence and often shortens the life of those impacted. This finding also underlines the fact that fluoride can impact our health over a whole lifetime of exposure. WHO IS CHRISTINE TILL? Christine Till is one of Canada's leading scientists . She is a tenured Associate Professor in the Clinical Developmental Area in the Department of Psychology and Faculty of Health at York University, Toronto, Ontario. She is also appointed as an Adjunct Scientist of the Neurosciences and Mental Health Research Program at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Below she gives an in-depth look at the detail of her studies on fluoride (mentioned above), and concludes with: ​ A lot has changed since the 1940s when water fluoridation was first introduced. We now have topical fluorides like toothpaste, and we know more about how fluoride works. There will always be questions that need answers, but now we have mounting scientific evidence showing a consistent pattern of lower IQ associated with early-life exposure to fluoride. The question becomes: How much more information is needed before we raise concerns...? Failure to act could amount to enormous costs at the population level. "I have been able to view this excellent presentation of a review of the Fluoride-IQ literature from the author of some of the key studies. For any one with an open mind, a reasonable background in science or just plain common sense this should be the final word on this debate. No community should deliberately put this neurotoxic substance into the public drinking water." — Paul Connett, PhD co-author of The Case Against Fluoride (Chelsea Green , 2010) and science advisor to Fluoride Free Canada.

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    WHEN DID FLUORIDATION START? In 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan, became the first community in the world to add fluoride to tap water, on the premise that it would prevent tooth decay. The type of fluoride commonly found in many rocks and the source of the naturally occurring fluoride ion in water supplies is calcium fluoride. The three main fluoride compounds generally used to fluoridate municipal water are industry byproducts: sodium fluoride, hydrofluorosilicic acid (hexafluorosilicic acid) and sodium silicofluoride. The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson HEXAFLUOROSILICIC ACID (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid) Raw Materials, Manufacture, Toxicity and Public Health Concerns as an Active Ingredient in the Fluoridation of Drinking Water [September 2012] A MUST READ WHAT DIFFICULTIES AROSE? The public water supply is being used to deliver fluoride indiscriminately to every man, woman and child in our communities: Without control of dose (infants and adults alike get the same dose). Without consideration of the age, or nutritional and health status of the recipient (for example, those with a weak kidney or liver can be impacted). Without allowing for the individual’s informed consent on the matter. Dental fluorosis and skeletal weakness Children develop dental fluorosis by ingesting too much fluoride between 0 and 8 years of age. It doesn't matter if the fluoride comes from foods and drinks due to pesticides or processing, or toothpaste, or fluoridated water etc. ​ Those with dental fluorosis have higher bone fractures as well as higher rates of learning disabilities. ​ Thyroid issues : Thyroid medication is the third most prescribed medication to Canadian women, because fluoride is displacing iodine on the cell's receptors. Study shows that adults living in Canada who have moderate-to-severe iodine deficiencies and higher levels of urinary fluoride may be at an increased risk for underactive thyroid gland activity. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) ​ Paul Connett interviews Dr. A. K. Susheela from India, who discusses how ingesting fluoride irritates the stomach lining, leading to IBS. She discovered that from the moment you eliminate fluoride, the gastrointestinal mucosa and the microvilli will regenerate within 10-12 days. Canada has one of the highest prevalence of IBS in the world – estimated 18% vs. 11% globally. (Lovell et al. 2012 ). ​ Now in Canada, ADHD medication is the number one prescribed medication to boys and girls 6 to 14 years of age and the second most prescribed medication to males between the ages of 15 to 24, according to a June, 2014 Statistics Canada report . But since 2017, the government-funded peer-reviewed science indicates that fluoride has the potential to damage the brains of our children . Many Canadian communities and countries around the world have banned the practice of adding fluoride to tap water. Fluoride Free Canada's mission is to educate and support all other Canadians in their efforts to do the same.

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    ADVOCATES FOR THE RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT Many Canadians are actively pursuing a ban on fluoridation in their municipalities and Fluoride Free Canada offers its support. Feel free to use the following information as resources. Our Director of Fluoride Free Canada , Dr. Bob Dickson, is also the President of Safe Water Calgary. He is interviewed here on his involvement in Human Rights. SAFE WATER CALGARY ​ Safe Water Calgary is dedicated to working with City officials and qualified experts to ensure that our water is the SAFEST POSSIBLE given our available resources. Various individuals and groups on occasion attempt to influence City Council to re-introduce fluoridation chemicals to our water. This website is dedicated to providing the most relevant, verifiable and least biased data available about the nature and physiological effects of fluoride ions and fluoridated water. ​ Contact: ​ CALGARY CAMPAIGN to Vote NO on Oct, 2021 plebicite ​ MEDIA BIAS IN CALGARY - We're not taking this lying down! FLUORIDE FREE WINDSOR-ESSEX ​ ​Fluoride Free Windsor is dedicated to keeping citizens of Windsor and Essex County up-to-date on their campaign to have their water supply free of the product called hydrofluorosilicic acid. Environment Canada calls this product "hazardous waste" but the Public Health Unit has convinced the Windsor Council and Windsor Utilities Commission that it is effective at preventing tooth decay and safe for all citizens to ingest every day for their lifetime. However, this is not true. This industrial waste has not been properly tested for safety and has not been shown to be effective, as you will see if you read the entries on this website. ​ Media Article: September 1st, 2021 CTV News: September 1st, 2021 Media Article: September 2nd, 2021 ​ Contact us through Facebook: Fluoride Free Windsor Ontario ​ VIDEO & ARTICLE : Public Health Officer Admits Fluoridation Chemical is NOT Tested nor Regulated by Health Canada, 2011 QUEBEC COALITION FOR RESPONSIBLE WATER MANAGEMENT ​ ​November 1996 provoked many debates until giving birth to the Coalition for a Public Debate on Water, which in 1997 became the Quebec Coalition for Responsible Water Management - Eau Secours! The mission of Eau Secours in Quebec, is to promote the protection and responsible management of water from a perspective of environmental health, equity, accessibility and collective defense of the rights of the population. ​ Contact: ​ CTV NEWS VIDEO : Petition calling on Montreal to remove fluoride from water, August 2021 ​ "WHEN CITIZENS GET INVOLVED" December 2021 – An article published by The Nouvelliste in Three-Rivers, QC in which the journalist recalls many "David & Goliath" citizens’ battles including that against fluoridation in Trois-Rivières which lasted 6-year. Yes, six years against a powerful and obstinate mayor and all the money of the Health Ministry and Public Health. The contract to the builder was already allocated, but because Public Heal