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What's New – A log of postings

A simple way for you to see what's new on our site!

Added to the home page, a short video by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology on The National Toxicology Program and Fluoride Neurotoxicity.

November, 2023

Added "Sept. 23: One-Page Fact Sheet & Status" button to the lawsuit section on the home page.

September, 2023

Added July 5, 2023 video interview with Paul Connett PhD, with an update on the EPS lawsuit and detailing VERY passionately his experiences and frustration in dealing with government agencies.  See "Fluoride in Water: The TRUTH" on the video strip.

September, 2023

Added August, 2023 Podcast with Director of Fluoride Free Canada, Dr. Bob Dickson, containing excellent advice and tips for everyone!

August, 2023

Added February, 2023 scientific study by Till and Hall on an association between fluoride exposure from tap water and hypothyroidism in pregnancy

February, 2023

Added a detailed report on Hexafluorosilicic Acid (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid): Raw Materials, Manufacture, Toxicity and Public Health Concerns as an Active Ingredient in the Fluoridation of Drinking Water to the History page

February, 2023

Sent out Notice of the Fluoridation Hearing with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the follow-up report.

January, 2023

Added the video of the October Hearing in the Court Case with the Environmental Protection Agency

December, 2022

The latest status of the Court Case with the Environmental Protection Agency
(Merged all updates onto one page)

November, 2022

Added to video strip on home page: 5 Minutes of Hard Core Truth - Toxins in Water

October, 2022

Updated the status of the Court Case with the Environmental Protection Agency

September, 2022

Added Resource page of Highly Recommended Resource Materials (books)

June, 2022

Added End Fluoride Toronto to the Advocacy page and linked to their Facebook

May, 2022

Added Fluoride Free Montreal to the Advocacy page and linked to their Facebook

April, 2022

When Citizens Get Involved - Article added to Eau Secours on Advocacy page

February, 2022

Added Regina to the Advocacy page and linked to their Facebook

February, 2022

Added Vancouver to the Advocacy page and linked to Media Challenges

February, 2022

Added "Who is With Us" page to show organizations against fluoridation

January, 2022

Restructured homepage and added Memes and "What's New" button

January, 2022

Added "Case Status - Dec. 31/21" link in Court section of home page linking to video

January, 2022

Added Presentations to Government videos to bottom of homepage

December, 2021

Donate page updated with request to eTRANSFER to save PayPal fees

December, 2021

1952 video on fluoridation posted as a link at the top of When Did Fluoridation Start

December, 2021

"Our Message" video posted - Intro on home page and full video on the About page

October, 2021

New Science page updated with Christine Till bio and video

October, 2021

Videos and Media articles posted to Advocacy page

September, 2021

1st Newsletter Posted (link to Newsletter page in footer)

September, 2021

Website Live

September 1st, 2021

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